Welcome, to just a little bit of the "Nature" that can be found all around us!

It’s been my observation that websites about nature discovery and Identifying Life are woefully lacking in their visual searching capability. You know - a lot of words, ads, and small thumbnails is the norm. 

When someone takes a photo of an “Unknown to them thing” they can’t easily look it up. They can see the photo but how do you search for the name when all you have is an impression?

This website design incorporates large Photos and vivid Videos with a simple navigation structure. All photos, videos, and none of what you don’t need.

Most people know that it's a bird and might even have some other clues like it’s a Hawk or it’s a shorebird. With some clues, you can quickly navigate to what you a looking for, with visual confirmation. 

You should be able to quickly look through the Nature photos and quickly find yours. With complete captions for the Common name and the Latin Taxonomic name. 

Now with this confirmation of ID, they can start the research process.