Citizen Science at its best - iNaturalist allows anyone in the world to submit an observation of anything in Nature. 

Anyone in the world can then view those observations. 

Anyone in the world can then create a Report (Called a Project) on the observation data. 

Anyone in the world can then view that Report. 

Now imagine the scale of that!  

With all those people making all those observations and then helping to verify what has been observed by other people, it is becoming a fantastic resource and Guide to Nature. 

Maybe even the ultimate Nature Guidebook! 

But, think of the scale of that! 

It can be intimidating to those people who want to figure out what kind of bird is at the birdfeeder or what bug is on their flower in the garden. 

At Nature's Wild Things we use iNaturalist all the time to help correctly identify what species of Nature is in our In-Depth Photo And Video - Nature Study Guides

As we develop Reports (Projects) on iNaturalist, we will add links and organize them here so anyone in the world can use them.